c53bb1d21a71d310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38dRCRDapproved/UMICH/LSA People/HHsing,Tailen753bb1d21a71d310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38d____HsingTailenthsing734.615.7299734.763.4676Chair and Michael B. Woodroofe Collegiate Professor of Statisticshttp://dept.stat.lsa.umich.edu/~thsingFaculty Homepage488ab1d21a71d310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38d____460 West Hallbzuniga1413989095403jkmcdon;lorieann;bzunigastats460 West Hall<br>Department of Statistics<br>University of Michigan<br>1085 South University<br>Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1107<p>My research interests include extreme value theory, limit theory under dependence, functional data and spatial data. Currently, my focus is on the last two areas. For functional data, I am considering the estimation of high-dimensional parameters, such as the cross covariance, that characterize dependence between functional variables. I am also working on a book on the foundation of functional data that will likely be published in 2014. For spatial data, I am interested in the inference of spatial processes that are locally stationary, especially in the context of densely observed data.</p>753bb1d21a71d310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38d____853bb1d21a71d310VgnVCM100000c2b1d38d____