37. Late Eocene Sea Cows (Mammalia, Sirenia) from Wadi Al Hitan in the Western Desert of Fayum, Egypt

Author(s): Iyad S. Zalmout, Philip D. Gingerich

Publication 37



The Eocene sea cows Protosiren, Eotheroides, and Eosiren have been known for more than a century from skulls and jaws found at Gebel Mokattam near Cairo and Birket Qarun near Fayum in Egypt. Protosiren and Eotheroides are known from Gebel Mokattam (Lutetian, middle Eocene), and Eosiren is known from north of Birket Qarun (middle Priabonian, late Eocene). In recent years we have collected exceptionally complete skeletons of Protosiren and Eotheroides of intermediate early Priabonian age in Wadi Al Hitan in the Western Desert west of Fayum. The Wadi Al Hitan Protosiren (Protosirenidae) is Protosiren smithae Domning and Gingerich, 1994, a probable descendant of Gebel Mokattam Protosiren fraasi Abel, 1907. Wadi Al Hitan Eotheroides (Dugongidae) is represented by two species, Eotheroides clavigerum, sp. nov., and Eotheroides sandersi, sp. nov. Both are probable descendents of Gebel Mokattam Eotheroides aegyptiacum (Owen, 1875). (Go to the link and see more of this paper.)

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Publisher: Museum of Paleontology

Month of Publication: December

Year of Publication: 2012

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Volume Number: 37

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