A Millennium in Perspective


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  • Host Department: Comparative Literature
  • Date: 03/05/2012
  • Time: 04:00PM - 06:00PM

  • Location: 2022 Thayer Building

  • Millennium 4
  • Description: Don Quixote, "the first great novel of world literature," originally written in Arabic by an Arab historian and then translated into Castillian, as Cervantes, its "alleged" author claimed - was it the first literary realization of linear perspective, which had been first developed by Ibn al-Haytham, an eleventh century Arab Mathematician? Three key witnesses, practitioners of inter semiotic translation, will be called upon to substantiate the spatial argument, as Time permits: Velazquez, Picasso and his surprisingly identical twin - William Faulkner.
    Co-sponsor, Near Eastern Studies Colloquium Series 2011-2012