EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Researcher at Kellogg Eye Center is seeking to hire a technician... Apply by:


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  • Host Department: Program in Biology
  • Date: 03/17/2014
  • Time: 5:00 PM

  • Location: Kellogg Eye Center

  • Description:

    Lab Technician

    We work on research related to the leading cause of blindness in the US, macular degeneration. The lab primarily focuses on experiments using primary cultures of the layer of the retina most affected in this disease, the retinal pigment epithelium. We seek a highly enthusiastic individual (enthusiasm and long-term job commitment more important than experience per se) willing to learn a range of experimental techniques in the lab, and willing eventually to contribute ideas of their own.

    Responsibilities include:
    *Dissection of eyes and primary culture, requiring highly precise hands
    *Cloning, purification, and transfection of DNA into primary cells
    *Image acquisition and analysis using high-end confocal microscopy and novel automated microscopy
    *Basic molecular biology and biochemistry (PCR, rtPCR, Westerns)
    *Basic lab maintenance - ordering, washing dishes, safety protocols, etc.
    *Other responsibilities based on interest and enthusiasm of the individual

    Required qualifications include:
    *Associates or Bachelor's in a field related to biological bench work
    *An intended commitment to work in our lab for at least 2 years and ideally 5+ years
    *Highly detail oriented with dextrous hands, curious, strives to work towards independence, willing to teach others, able to work for a relatively young investigator

    Desired qualifications include:
    *Experience in any of the responsibility areas detailed above either through direct lab experience or a master's degree (but not necessary)
    *Within 0-10 years of terminal degree
    *Computer coding/programming experience
    *Able to read the literature and assist in writing (again, not necessary)

    Please send a cover letter and CV to miljason@med.umich.edu. Decisions regarding interviews will be made towards the middle of March.