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Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and Environment

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  • Bilal is a people-environment geographer with regional specialization in sub-Saharan Africa and technical expertise in geospatial technologies (GPS, GIS & Remote Sensing), ecological monitoring and social-scientific appraisals. His current research interests revolve around four key areas of investigation, which seek to understand (1) the spatiality of livelihood strategies (resource access and utilization) among pastoral peoples under regimes of increasing climatic variability and uncertainty (2) the nature of the relationships between wildlife and livestock in dry land pastoral ecosystems of East Africa (3) violent and non-violent conflicts between people and institutions over natural resources, and (4) how mobile information technologies such as cell phones influence natural resource management strategies among pastoral peoples in dry lands.
  • Cultural and political ecology, pastoralism, livestock mobility, conservation/development, geospatial techniques, rangeland ecology, resource access strategies, wildlife-livestock competition, food security, rural livelihoods, identity and conflict.
  • Kenya
  • School of Natural Resources and Environment