"Indigenous Circuits: Navajo Women's Labor and the Gendering of Semiconductor Manufacture"


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  • Speaker: Lisa Nakamura
  • Host Department: race
  • Date: 01/14/2013
  • Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

  • Location: 1014 Tisch Hall, 435 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109

  • Description:

    Contemporary digital media production centers on the Asia-Pacific region—Silicon Valley and China, sites where software and hardware are made. Asians and Asia have become racialized as digital; the “nimble fingers” of Asian women are a key resource in digital industries. However, this gendering and racialization of computer manufacture as women of colors’ work has a forgotten earlier history. In 1970 Fairchild Corporation, a key electronics manufacturer, opened a fab plant on the Shiprock Indian reservation in New Mexico and became the largest employer of Indians in the U.S. Asian and Indian women were included in similar industrial discourses of racialized labor, lack of mobility, and docility that inform digital production cultures today.

    Lisa Nakamura is Professor of American Culture and Screen Arts and Cultures.

    Sponsored by Program in History of Science, Technology & Society (STS).

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