Event with image example: width 220 pixels


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  • Host Department: Theme Semester
  • Date: 09/20/2012
  • Time: 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  • Location: Haven Hall

  • Description:

    With the addition of the new Ephox editing toolbar on the event page you have the option to add multiple images to your event and create image links.  

    Red Panda image (right): 220 pixels

    Using the image field in the event content type

    When adding an image to an event using the image field under the further details tab it is important to find an aesthetic balance between the size of your image and the text for your event. An image that is too large, yet smaller than the width of the page, will cause the text next to it to appear in a narrow column that is difficult to read.  For this reason, we recommend sizing images no larger than 220 pixels wide, like the red panda image above. 

    Images uploaded into the image field will always appear in line with the text, right aligned. If they are larger, like a flyer or banner image, they appear above the text in the further info field.  Larger images entered into the image field should not be wider than 495 pixels, otherwise they will hang off of the left hand side of the page.  

    Using the Ephox Editor to add events

    Larger images placed in the further information field with the Ephox editor, like this Giant Panda below, will align with the headers for Host Department, Date, Time, Etc. Images larger than 395 pixels wide will hang off the right hand side of the page.  Images entered into the further info field can be linked, click on the Giant Panda for an example.  

    Giant Panda illustrating 395 pixel width

    Giant Panda - 395 pixels