LSA IT Email Groups

Jan 31, 2013 Bookmark and Share

To make all our lives easier regarding Information Technology information-sharing in LSA, we have simplified myriad of LSA-wide IT email groups to the following two.  These groups are self-joinable and we encourage you to add/remove yourself as you see appropriate. - The purpose of this group is broad, non-technical announcements and other information regarding IT in LSA.  This will include NEW twice-monthly "5 quick tech tips" emails (beginning in January) as well as monthly LSA IT status updates and scheduled and unscheduled system outage information. - This email group is intended for IT professionals within LSA.  It is a community resource to seek and receive technically-detailed advice and information and other minor technical updates.

You can add yourself to either of these groups by going to searching for the group and adding yourself.  Or you can send an email to or