Effective Fall 2015

A minor in Political Science is not open to students with a major in the Department of Political Science.

Students wishing to pursue a minor in Political Science must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with the Department's designated advisor. 

The minor in political science gives students training in a rigorous discipline and way of thinking and understanding problems. This is an indispensable part of any liberal arts major. Political Science gives students a better understanding of the way public affairs are conducted and a more practical knowledge of how citizens, elected representatives, judges, and administrators approach the decisions they are called upon to make. A minor in political science prepares students to become more active citizens by training them to become astute and informed observers of political behavior in their own country and around the world.

Prerequisites to the Minor

Students should prepare for advanced study in the discipline by completing two of the following introductory courses:

  • POLSCI 101: Introduction to Political Theory
  • POLSCI 111: Introduction to American Politics
  • POLSCI 140: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLSCI 160: Introduction to World Politics

In rare circumstances, departmental advisors may approve the use of an upper-level course to meet the prerequisite.

Requirements for the Minor

In addition to the prerequisite courses, students who wish to complete the minor in Political Science must complete five POLSCI courses at the 300 level or above for a minimum of 15 credits.

The minor in Political Science is a structured course of study. A sustained focus on two disciplinary subfields makes it possible for students to acquire this structure without completing a full major. Therefore, core courses in the minor must be taken in the same subfield (political theory, American politics, comparative politics, or world politics) as the prerequisite courses.

At least three of the five upper level courses must be taken on the Ann Arbor campus.

Only three credits of Experiential and Independent Study credit may be included in the minor.


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