Joanna Mazurkiewicz

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Jana Mazurkiewicz

Graduate Student

Office Location(s): 3028 MLB

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    My name is Joanna Mazurkiewicz, but my friends call me Jana. Following Yiddish, Czech, English and German language courses throughout Europe, North America, and Israel, I decided to explore Yiddish theatre in my Master’s thesis project. Above all, this project aimed to answer the question of whether or not it makes any sense to have an active Yiddish theatre today. A reworked version of this thesis, under the title ‘Death or Resurrection? Contemporary Yiddish Theatre in Europe’, is in the process of being published in Poland. After earning my Master’s degree, I was fortunate to be able to utilize the Yiddish skills and knowledge obtained during my studies, language courses, theatre workshops, and internships in actual functioning institutions. My next academic goal is to conduct research on Yiddish literature, film and theatre in The United States, and to develop it into a Ph.D. thesis. My most enjoyable hobby is learning foreign languages and cultures via traveling and meeting new people. I am extremely excited to be a student again!