Ann Chih Lin

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Ann Chih Lin

Associate Professor

Office Location(s): 4115 Weill Hall
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
  • Fields of Study
    • American Government and Politics
    • Public Policy and Administration
    • Qualitative Research Methods
    • Gender and Politics/Feminist Theory
    • Organizational Theory
    • Race Ethnicity and Politics
  • About

    Professor Lin studies the ways in which people learn about politics, interpret public policies, and understand their relationship to government officials, programs, and regulations. She uses this research to understand public policy implementation, political socialization, and political identity. Her work on implementation, most notably in a book on prison rehabilitation policy, explores why similar policies are interpreted and executed differently from place to place. Her work on political socialization, co-authored with Amaney Jamal, focuses on Arab immigrants and the ways in which they learn to negotiate a new political environment. Her work on political identity includes research on the influence of religious institutions, gender, and social networks on the meaning and enactment of citizenship.

    Prof. Lin’s research uses qualitative research methods, and she teaches and publishes on the epistemology and the uses of qualitative research methods.

  • Education
    • University of Chicago, Ph.D. (Political Science)
    • University of Chicago, M.A. (Political Science)
    • Princeton University, A.B., magna cum laude (History)