Rebecca Thornton

Assistant Professor, Economics
Post-doctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center

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Contact Information:
Major Projects:
  • Malawi Diffusion and Ideational Change Project (2004-present).
  • Incentives and HIV Prevention with Hans-Peter Kohler (University of Pennsylvania). Experiment to study the impact of learning HIV status on subsequent behavior, and the impact of receiving cash incentives to remain HIV negative (2006-present).
  • Girls Scholarship Program with Michael Kremer (Harvard University) and Edward Miguel (University of California, Berkeley). Experiment to examine the effects of merit-based scholarships (2002-present).
  • Circumcision, Information and HIV Prevention in Malawi. Experiment to study the demand for circumcision (2007-present).
  • Roads and HIV Prevalence in Malawi with Erica Field (Harvard University).
  • Determinants of Traffic Accidents in Malawi.
  • Polygyny - determinants and effects in several countries across Africa.
  • Measuring subjective life expectancy in South Africa and Malawi with David Lam (U-M).
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • South Africa
  • Economics
  • Population Studies Center