Al Young

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Al Young

Media Consultant

Office Location(s): 1427 North Quad
Phone: 734.763.0948

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    Al Young has an Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering, Washtenaw Community College, 1975. Sound Recordist, Editor and Mixing Engineer, University of Michigan, Audio-Visual Center Film Production Unit. 1972 to 1979; Broadcast Engineer, University of Michigan, Michigan Media Resources Center, 1979 to 1984; Service Manager, University of Michigan, Michigan Media Microcomputer Repair Service, 1984 to 1987; Lecturer in New Technologies, University of Michigan, Department of Communication, 1984 to 1996; Media Engineer, University of Michigan, Program in Film and Video Studies, 1996-present.
    Primarily responsible for Screen Arts & Cultures’ film production facilities and equipment loan, teaching technical workshops in cinematography and sound recording, and technical adviser for student productions.