Arland Thornton


Professor, Sociology
Director, Population Studies Center
Research Professor, Survey Research Center

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Major Projects:
  • Measuring Developmental Idealism and Family Life - PI with Kathryn Yount (Emory University). This project will evaluate beliefs concerning "developmental idealism" and its impact on family life through a pilot study in four countries, including Egypt (2005-07, NIC).
  • Dr. Arland Thornton specializes in the study of marriage, family, and life course structures and processes. He has authored a book and a number of articles on the effect of societal change on the family in the United States and Asia. His work currently focuses on intergenerational relations, cohabitation, marriage, divorce, reproductive behavior, living arrangements, and gender roles in Nepal, Taiwan, and the United States. His teaching centers on the sociology and demography of the family and life course. He is involved with projects concerning Developmental Idealism in several countries around the world.
  • Egypt Youth and Violence Project, with Mansoor Moaddel (Eastern Michigan University) as Principle Investigator. This project is measuring and analyzing developmental idealism as a component of a larger project on youth and violence in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
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