Re-Orientations: The Worlding of Marco Polo


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  • Host Department: Comparative Literature
  • Date: 03/13/2013
  • Time: 04:00PM - 06:00PM

  • Location: 1636 International Institute, SSWB

  • Description:

    Sharon Kinoshita is professor of literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as co-director at the UCSC Center for Mediterranean Studies, and co-director, UC Multicampus Research Project in Mediterranean Studies. She is the author of Medieval Boundaries: Rethinking Difference in Old French Literature and co-author of Thinking Through Chr├ętien de Troyes and Marie de France: A Critical Companion, as well as many essays on Old French literature and on the medieval Mediterranean. Sponsors: RLL, Center for European Studies, Center for Chinese Studies, Asian Languages & Cultures, Comparative Literature.