Musicology: "Royalty, Celebration, and Attribution in a Fourteenth-Century French Motet"


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  • Speaker: Anne Robertson, University of Chicago
  • Host Department: musicol
  • Date: 02/15/2013
  • Time: 5:00PM

  • Location: 506 Burton Memorial Tower

  • Description:

    The tumultuous period in France surrounding the fall of the Capetian dynasty and the rise of the Valois line in 1328 is documented in French literature, music, and art. One musical witness to this fascinating time is the motet Servant regem / O Philippe [Ludovice] / Rex regum, preserved in the Roman de Fauvel. Heretofore unrecognized features of this piece place the motet squarely in the category of royal entrance motet. The tenor has a particularly interesting story to tell, too; its melody reveals that the composer hails from northeastern France and strongly suggests that this person is Philippe de Vitry.

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