A2KIFF 2013: Ann Arbor Korean Independent Film Festival
Breathless (2009)


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  • Host Department: Nam Center for Korean Studies
  • Date: 10/04/2013
  • Time: 8:00PM

  • Location: Michigan Theater

  • Description:

    Free and open to the public.

    After witnessing the deaths of his mother and sister during childhood, Sang-hoon grew up along with violence. To punish his father for destorying the family, Sang-hoon visits his father regularly with rampage. One day, he meets a teenage girl, Yon-hi. As encounter piles up, Sanghoon and Yonhi find themselves in each other. But their link started long time ago. Out of blind, Sang-hoon, Yon-hi, and others among them reach out for more relationships. Directed by Yang Ik-joon. 130 minutes.

    Cosponsored by the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures.