Student Presentations: Opportunities for Permaculture Education at UM


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  • Host Department: Program in the Environment
  • Date: 04/19/2013
  • Time: 11:00AM - 11:35 AM

  • Location: 1046 Dana

  • Description:

    The students in “ENVIRON/RCIDIV 391: Sustainability & the Campus” invite you to presentations of their semester-long projects with University staff. 

    Opportunities for Permaculture Education at UM
    How could UM incorporate permaculture into curricular and co-curricular programming?  To conduct this project, students received a day of permaculture training, with a focus on the main components of the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course (PDC).  After the training, students explored peer university programs and the existing UM course offerings to offer a final recommendation and implementation timeline for integration of permaculture at UM.

    Sponsors: Chiwara, Permaculture Design Team, UM Sustainable Food Program

    Other Upcoming Presentations of "Sustainability & the Campus"

    Friday (April 19th):
    -11:35-12:00 Greening of the Plant Operations Regional Vehicular Fleet

    Monday (April 22nd):
    -11:10-11:35 Planet Blue Ambassadors Guerrilla Marketing
    -11:35-12:00  Cleaning with Magic Water in the Residence Halls

    Please contact Mike Shriberg ( for more information about this course or these projects.