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  • Host Department: Program in Biology
  • Date: 03/15/2013
  • Time: 5:00 PM

  • Location: Ann Arbor, MI

  • Description:

    The Wallenberg Fellowship will be awarded each spring to a graduating senior of exceptional promise and accomplishment who is committed to serving the public good. The fellowship provides $25,000 to carry out an independent project of learning or exploration anywhere in the world during the year after graduation. The Fellow will engage in a self-designed and self-directed area of exploration or project of experiential learning. Through this year-long experience, and by connecting in meaningful ways with the lives of people and communities around the world, the Wallenberg Fellow will prepare to make a difference in the world.  All application materials must be submitted to Henry Dyson ( by March 15, 2013.  More information and application forms are available here.

    See this 
    YouTube to learn more about Raoul Wallenberg.