Making It Work: US Thought and Culture Between Practice and Paralysis


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  • Host Department: Comparative Literature
  • Date: 04/05/2013 - 04/06/2013
  • Time: 03:00 PM - 07:30 PM

  • Location: Angell Hall Room 3222

  • Making it Work 2
  • Description:

    April 5th

    3-5 - Practicing Uncertainty
    Dalia Davoudi (Indiana, English) - Mystical Realism: Uncertainty and Epistemology in Whitman's Leaves of Grass and Holmes' Elsie Venner
    Clancy Smith (Duquesne, Philosophy) - A Way Forward - A Re-Examination of the Work of C.S. Peirce in a Culture of Paralysis
    Ali Chetwynd (Michigan, English) - The Place of Paralysis in the Postmodern Project Novel
    Robin Zheng (Michigan, Philosophy) - Objectivity as Overlapping Consensus: Comparing Rawls and Longino

    5.30-7 - Keynote sponsored by the English Department
    Lisi Schoenbach (Tennessee, English) - The Democratic State

    7.30 - Conference Dinner

    April 6th

    9-9.30 breakfast/coffee

    9.30-11 - Making Mass Media Work for Her
    Liz Rodrigues (Michigan, English) - Self as Data Collector in The Promised Land and The Education of Henry Adams
    Logan Scherer (Michigan, English) - Godmothers and GoodFemmes: the Truth About Feminine Subjectivity in VH1’s Mob Wives
    Kathryne Bevilacqua (Michigan, English) - Girls Talk: How Lena Dunham Teaches Us to Read TV

    11.15- 12.45 - The Grounds of Americanness
    Peta Long (Syracuse, Pan-African Studies) - “What Pragmatism Means?” Reflections on Individualism, Universalism and Capitalism in the American Society
    Richard Pierre (Michigan, Comp Lit) - Sagacious or Serendipitous?  Paul Celan’s Exportation of Robinson Jeffers
    Akiva Gottlieb (Michigan, English) - Single-Entendre Principals - Christopher Lasch’s Culture of Narcissism and David Foster Wallace’s Battle Against Pseudo-Self-Awareness

    12.45-2 - Lunch

    2.15-3.45 - Grounds for Improvement
    Calvin Walds (Syracuse, Pan-African Studies) - Reflexive Prophecy - James Baldwin and the Problem of History in Protest Novels
    David Gurney (Arizona State, Philosophy) - Transhumanism and Racial Norms
    Dina Karageorgos (Michigan, English) - Sarah Wright’s Unsung Marxism: This Child’s Gonna Live and the Aesthetic Dimension of the Cuban Revolution

    4-5.30 - Pragmatism, Power and the Environment
    Zachary Piso (Michigan State, Philosophy) - Collateral Learning as Operation of Power, Opportunity for Resistance
    Monica List (Michigan State, Philosophy) - On the Erosion of Land and Ethics: The Misconstrual of Farmer Ethics as Environmental Ideology
    Danielle Lake (Michigan State, Philosophy) - Pragmatism in a Wicked World

    6-7.30 - Keynote sponsored by the Department of African and AfroAmerican Studies
    Paul Taylor (Penn State, Philosophy/ African American and Diaspora Studies) - Dust to Dust; Or, What Pragmatism Might Mean, With Lessons From Race Theory

    Sponsors: The US Literatures and Cultures Consortium with The University of Michigan Department of Afroamerican and African Studies, American Culture, Comparative Literature, English and History.