Brian Arbic

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Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences
Assistant Professor, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science
Assistant Professor, College of Engineering

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  • Our research focuses on the use of numerical models to better understand the dynamics and energy budgets of both wind- and tidally-forced flows in the ocean. An important motivation for our work is that the ocean stores and transports a substantial amount of heat and carbon, and is therefore a critical component in the earth's climate system. Some other societally relevant issues of interest to our group are 1)sea-level rise and the tidal response to sea-level rise, and 2) the potential for short-term forecasting of oceanic flows. Space does not allow us to describe all of our research projects here, but we describe some of our projects below. We regularly utilize both idealized and realistic numerical models, and occasionally construct analytical models as well. We try to compare our model results to both in-situ and remotely sensed observational data as often as is feasible. A few of our publications are based solely on observations, with no model results at all. Our work is often interdisciplinary, involving collaborations with marine geophysicists, geodynamicists, and glaciologists as well as other physical oceanographers.
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • College of Engineering