"Of Bones and Burials: New Research on the Harbour Necropolis of Ephesus"
Martin Steskal, Austrian Archaeological Institute


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  • Host Department: History of Art
  • Date: 03/21/2011
  • Time: 4:00PM - 6:00PM

  • Location: 180 Tappan Hall, 855 S. University, Ann Arbor

  • Description: The capital of the Roman province Asia in modern day Turkey is well known as a tourist destination. Although many facets of ancient city life have been well explored, little is known about the mortuary practices of the Ephesians. Since 2005 the Austrian Archaeological Institute has undertaken several excavations in the area of the almost unexplored ancient cemetery in the north and the south of the Ephesian harbour channel. This activity was necessary, as sporadically illegal excavations have taken place in this exposed area far away from sites frequented by tourists. This talk will address such issues as burial rites, religious and social developments, topography, history and use of space in an eminent area of Ephesus.

    Co-sponsored the the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art & Archaeology and the Department of Classical Studies.