Simone Sessolo

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Office Location(s): 1320 North Quad
Phone: 734.647.4526
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • NCTE
    • MLA
  • About

    I am a Lecturer in the Sweetland Center for Writing. I received my Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin. My primary areas of research are rhetoric and composition, multimodality, and writing center pedagogy.

    I like the interactions between computers and old media. Like, can writing be the same if we put pen on paper or if we press buttons on a keyboard? And with writing I mean the process of it–the thinking, composing, revising of it. I like to think about writing–and how it shapes our thoughts. An epistemology, so to speak. But basically, I am a teacher who thrives seeing other people experience the overwhelming adventure of writing. Anything. Anywhere. In any medium. On any occasion.

    Fields of Study/Research Interests

    Rhetoric and Composition; Multimodality and New Media; Cultural Studies; Writing Center Pedagogy

    Courses/Teaching Assignments

    FALL 15

    • W 100 - Transition to College Writing: The Multimodality of Writing/Designing
    • W 200 - Ethos and New Media
    • Writing Workshop

    WINTER 16

    • W 201 - Writing for Social Media
    • W 300 - Seminar in Peer Consulting
    • W 630 - Advanced Writing for Graduate Students
    • "The Rhetoric of Memes." _The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects_ v5.2 (2014): n. pag. Web.
    • "An Epic of Riots." _The Journal of Popular Culture_ v47.5 (2014).

  • Education
    • LAUREA (Foreign Languages and Literatures): The University of Padova, Italy
    • MA (English): The University of Kansas
    • PhD (Comparative Literature): The University of Texas at Austin
  • Awards
    • University Continuing Fellowship, the University of Texas at Austin, 2011-12
    • Outstanding Student Academic Employee (nominee), the University of Texas at Austin, 2010
    • Teaching Award, the University of Texas at Austin, 2007
    • Wolfe Award for Fiction, the University of Kansas, 2006
    • Teaching Award, the University of Kansas, 2005
  • Presentations
    • Self[ie] Awareness Digital Exhibition, North Quad Programming:
    • “Violence in the Writing Center,” The Future of Writing Centers Symposium, the University of Texas at Austin, 02/23/2013