JK Nandakumar

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Jayakrishna Nandakumar

Assistant Professor

830 N. Univerisity

Office Location(s): 4140D Nat. Sci.
Lab Address: 4140 Nat. Sci.
Nandakumar Lab

  • Fields of Study
    • Telomerase, telomeres, cancer, ageing
  • About

    Telomeres (protein-DNA complex) and telomerase (protein-RNA enzymatic complex) are specialized protein-nucleic acid complexes found at the ends of chromosomes. They play vital roles in ensuring genome stability and stem cell viability, respectively. Additionally, illicit activation of telomerase is a hallmark of a overwhelming majority of cancers, qualifying this enzyme as a prime target for anti-cancer drug development. We use biochemical, cell biological and X-ray crystallographic tools to understand how these complexes are assembled in cells and how they perform their critical biological functions at chromosome ends.

  • Grants
    • Biochemistry Enzymology Crystallography Cell Biology
  • Areas of Focus
    • Biochemistry
    • Enzymology
    • Crystallography
    • Cell Biology