Human Rights Initiative Lecture. "Making Human Rights a Reality"


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  • Speaker: Emilie Hafner-Burton, Professor, School of International Relations, University of California-San Diego.
  • Host Department: International Institute
  • Date: 09/17/2013
  • Time: 03:00PM - 04:30PM

  • Location: 1636 International Institute/SSWB. 1080 S. University.

  • New book

    New book "Making Human Rights a Reality"

  • Description:

    Making Human Rights a Reality takes a fresh look at why it’s been so hard for international law to have much impact in parts of the world where human rights are most at risk.

    Emilie Hafner-Burton argues that more progress is possible if human rights promoters work strategically with the group of states that have dedicated resources to human rights protection. These human rights “stewards” can focus their resources on places where the tangible benefits to human rights are greatest. Success will require setting priorities as well as engaging local stakeholders such as nongovernmental organizations and national human rights institutions.

    To date, promoters of international human rights law have relied too heavily on setting universal goals and procedures and not enough on assessing what actually works and setting priorities. Hafner-Burton illustrates how, with a different strategy, human rights stewards can make international law more effective and also safeguard human rights for more of the world population.