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  • Speaker: Wendy Sepponen and Anna Wieck
  • Host Department: History of Art
  • Date: 09/05/2013
  • Time: 5:30PM - 7:30PM

  • Location: 180 Tappan Hall, 855 S. University

  • 2013 Tappan Talks

    (l)Carlos V and Fury (1550-1564), Leone and Pompeo Leoni. Bronze (251 cm x 143 cm x 130 cm - 825 kg). Museo del Prado, Madrid. (r)The Visitor and the Vitrines (1912), José Gutiérrez Solana. Oil on canvas, 100 x 81 cm. Private Collection, Santander.

  • Description:

    History of art doctoral candidates Anna Wieck and Wendy Sepponen give 20-minute lectures followed by 30 minutes of discussion.

    Wendy Sepponen

    "Milanese Bronze & Spanish Stone: Sculptural Interchange and the Leoni Workshops (1549-1608)"

    This talk will focus on the circulation of sculpture as a way to assess and explore sixteenth-century cultural interchange. It will examine the sculptural production practices of Leone and Pompeo Leoni and the transport of their works between their workshops in Milan and Madrid, respectively, in relation to larger questions of imperial cultural identities and changes in local material cultures, artistic industries and markets.

    Anna Wieck

    "José Gutiérrez Solana's Mannequins and Market Finds"

    This talk will introduce key aspects of the oeuvre of Spanish painter and writer José Gutiérrez Solana (1886-1945), focusing in particular on his preference for depicting culturally specific subjects ranging from popular markets to bull fights to religious celebration. The talk will explore how these themes contribute to a deeper understanding of the artist's practice and how it responds to the conditions of a post-imperial Spain coming to terms with a nascent modernity.


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