Adding Content



Creating fresh content in the CMS keeps your website relevant, which helps you reach more students, attract quality faculty and effectively communicate with alumni. The videos and articles on this page walk you through adding different types of content via In Context Editing (ICE), which you can access via the following URL: site name, as well as addressing other issues that come up when adding content to your site.



Creating Non-Dynamic Content (Articles, Documents, etc.)
Creating Dynamic Content (Events, News, People)
Finding Existing Content
Clearing the Management Cache
Editing Toolbar Overview
When Pasting Special is Necessary
Uploading Static Files (PDFs, docs, jpegs, etc.)
Adding Social Media Icons to Your Home Page
Videos and Slide Shows on Your Home Page
Requesting Access to an Existing People Record
Working with List Content Types
Associating and Classifying Content
Creating New Classifications
Setting Up Query Components
Embedding Hyperlinks to Email Addresses, Down the Page and External Pages
Embedding Hyperlinks to CMS Channels, Content, and Static Files