Accessing the CMS


Because of the sensitive nature of University and College communications, only authorized users can edit content in the CMS for any site. Before using the CMS, you will need to gain access through LSA Development, Marketing and Communications (LSA DMC); contact us at

Users are granted authorization only for the department/unit site(s) they will work within – there will be no access to content owned by other departments. Additional permissions for advanced roles within the department/unit editing team will need to be determined after discussion with department/unit leadership and LSA DMC.


The CMS is built on powerful databases that are quite cumbersome and technical to work with directly. To provide a more friendly and intuitive work-experience, Open Text provides two user interfaces to manage web content.

Once your authorization has been granted, you can edit your website through either of the two separate interfaces:

  • The Application Console (AppConsole) AppConsole
  • In Context Editing (ICE) /YOURSITE.

Pointing your browser to the URL of the AppConsole or clicking on the editing icon in your ICE site will produce a log-in screen. If you have been granted permission by LSA DMC to work with the CMS, simply enter your UMROOT (not Kerberos) username and password to gain access.