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LSA Development, Marketing & Communications has created a number of training materials to assist you in learning how to use the College's CMS. The primary printed components are the CMS User Guides and quick reference guides for 7.6 and 7.3, but demonstrations of display formats, page templates, a guide to working with People directories, and training videos are also available in the right-side menu to assist you as you master the CMS.

7.6 CMS User Guide (PDF)

An expansive document that provides information on every content type, format type, and CMS application. Ideal for users who want detailed information about each CMS screen and how each component of the CMS works.

7.6 Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

A two-page guide that provides at-a-glance tables and graphics describing the most commonly used features of the CMS: Publishing, editing an article, common editing buttons, image size recommendations, and various format types.