Article Content Type

An article is predominantly a body of text and, by far, the most widely-used piece of content on CMS websites.

The form has four main fields:

1. Title – (required) the name of the article, usually displayed on the site as a link to the article detail page (the Body field as its own web page) or to distinguish between multiple articles on a page. 

2. Teaser – brief, eye-catching sentence to motivate viewers to read the remainder of the article; usually displayed with the article’s Title as a link to the complete article (also called the article detail page).

3. Body – (required) main portion of text; the tool bar that loads enables you to make sophisticated changes to the content without requiring that you know HTML.

4. Detail Image – attach a media image content item. Select a format in the region configurator that includes "img" so the detail image will display at the upper left or right of the Body field.