Creating Dynamic Content (Events, News, People)

Events, News and People pages are considered Dynamic because they are pre-set to automatically bring in content that meet the channel’s requirements and may allow content to appear on other areas of your site without additional work.

Add content to dynamic pages by following these steps:

1. On the ICE version of your site, navigate to the channel’s most specific category (Note call out box).

2. Click on the 2nd Boxey Pencil on the page.

3. In the resulting eventsListRegion menu, click on Create Content.

4. In the Select Destination Project window navigate through the folders by clicking on their names until you see the project folder where you want to save this new piece of content.

5. Select the button to the left of the project you would like the content to reside in.

6. Clicking OK selects that destination and brings up the editing form for the piece of content you selected back in step 1.

7. Add content to fields as usual.