Creating New Classifications

Dynamic content in the CMS (i.e., events, news, and people) is designed to take advantage of organizational tags and relationships called classifications (also known as categories), which are used to organize content on specific pages/channels.

You must add a new classification for your content item (event, news, people) so that the correct content is displayed on dynamic subpages/subchannels of your site and in the news, events and people list content types.

To create a new classification:

1. Navigate to the App Console (

2. Select the Workbench tab in the menu that runs across the top of the App Console just above the Path drop down.

3. Select "classification" which is the first item in the menu.

4. Select (click on) your site name from the list.

5. Select (click on) the folder for the type of classification you are creating (news, events, people).

6. Create a new classification by hovering over the green plus and selecting the word "category."

7. Give the category a name and click OK.

Now we venture into some unknown territory for many of you...

8. On the site side of the App Console, navigate back to the list of all the websites in the CMS and check the box for your website.

9. Click on the properties tab for the site.

10. In the top menu, select "Deployment."

11. At the top of the page, on the far right, you will see a red triangle next to the word classification, click on it.

12. Click the Publish button to "deploy" the classification (which is just a fancy way of saying publish) and proceed through the steps to publish as you do any type of content.

13. Close the window using the red X