Editing Toolbar Overview

Ephox Edit Live! Editing Toolbar

This toolbar appears in article, news, event, people, and publication content types.  Most of the functionality of this toolbar is universally familiar to individuals using word-processing programs, but there are a few extra utilities that work specifically with the CMS (VCM hyperlink, VCM image link and "window view").  

CMS sites have their own Heading styles, which are located in the drop down menu located on the far left of the toolbar. This document shows sample heading sizes and styles that you may choose from for your site.


The toolbar is a miniature program that needs permission to run inside your browser. Whenever the toolbar appears, which is in most content types in the CMS, it will need to load. You need to grant your browser permission to always “trust” the toolbar by checking the box inside the message when it pops up and then select the "Run" button (see image below).

Menus and Toolbars