Link Content Type Overview

screenshot of link content instance entry form with numbered fields

Link content types are standalone hyperlinks to other URLs. 

  1. Title – (required) the words will appear as the link (e.g., “Click here to search Google” or “LSA Course Guide”); it will not display the URL
    unless filled in as such
  2. Teaser – a short description of where the link will take your audience
  3. Destination Fields – Required; complete only one of the following. Described in greater detail below.

After selecting your destination field, the entry form will adjust to display additional fields specific to that type of link.

URL – link to a web address or RSS feed for an external site

Link to a Channel – another page or channel of any CMS site; if someone changes the URL of the channel, the CMS updates your link automatically

Link to a Content – a piece of content in any site in the CMS; if someone changes that content, the CMS will ensure your link remains intact