Region Configurator

The region configurator content type is a robust piece of content that holds other pieces of content, providing you with the ability to create content, order and format those pieces of content to display in different ways. There are relatively few fields but each has significant impact on your website.

1. Title – (required) This will always say, “Region Config - name of channel"; it never displays on the live site, but can be named to distinguish it from other region configurator content types on the same page (region config left, right, etc).

2. Description – used only to differentiate between region configurators by comparing the editing forms; never displays on live site.

3. Region Column – usually has a  “1”, “2”, or “3” in it. Along with the page templates the region column field will enable the region configurator content type to appear on different locations of the page.

4. Region Config ID – this “Relator Widget” is at the heart of adding content to your site; use the create drop down to create a piece of content, the find button to search for existing content, move content up or down on the page with the buttons of the same name, and finally, format content using the format field