Videos and Slide Shows on Your Home Page

Users are able to maintain either a Slide Show or Media Video on their website's homepage.

All sites are delivered to our users with a Slide Show content item in place with several high impact images that allow visitors to catch a glimpse of how amazing they are. CMS users now have the option of changing that space to include a Media Video content item in its place.

Additionally, the Slide Show content item will now work on the SubPage and Row Plus Two Column templates, provided that there is no content above it.

Below please find links to 3 Tutorial Videos that review how to work with this space on your web page:

OVERVIEW: Slide Show Content Type

Controls, Titles, and Captions on the Home Page Slide Show

Changing Your Home Page to Video


Effective March 2, 2013:

The improved Slide Show content type will offer users:

  • captions with automated slide shows
  • the ability to load random initial images in your slideshow
  • the ability to temporarily take slides out of rotation without having to delete them
  • the ability to post YouTube videos instead of only static images
  • better compliance with accessibility standards as visitors will have more control over the speed and duration of the slide show
    improved code and a simplified, more intuitive interface