Working with List Content Types

The CMS contains three dynamic ways to display people, news and event content on Non-Dynamic pages of your website (i.e., pages with region configurators).

The People List is the newest content type but the same functionality is available for News and Events.

The benefit of adding a People List, News List, or Events List content type to a region configurator is that selected dynamic content from your main dynamic channels (events, news and people) can also appear on non-dynamic pages of your site.

Consider this scenario: Your department is hosting a conference/workshop/symposium or other special event and your chair has requested that you build a page on your website devoted to all things conference related (events, people, text about the conference, a link to registration, etc.).

You can place the descriptive content in the large left or large right column and beneath it, and evets list with only the events pertaining to that conference (which of course also show on your main events page). In the smaller column you can add a people list with the conference speakers, which link directly to their people profiles in the CMS.

For visual reference, take a look at this sample page laid out as described above.

The basic components of the List Content Type(s) are:

1. Title

2. Identifying department or/and classification/category

3. Number of items in the list

4. Type of format for the list

By filling out the form you can select to display a subset of your events from your main events page on a non-dynamic page without having to maintain the content.

Another example is shown on the CMS Workshops Page in the lower right hand corner we are displaying only our special workshops. We identified our department, and the category/classification of “workshop.” Now, when we create a special workshop on our main events page, the event list on our special sessions channel will automatically populate with the new event.

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