Why am I getting a 404 (error) message after I create a new channel?

There are a couple reasons for this issue to occur, the first being that the channel has not been published. You can only publish a newly created channel from the App Console, so first make sure the channel is showing as approved and published in the App Console.(Note - Channel creation and publishing should only be done by Site Administrators).

If the channel is published, but you are still getting an error, the next place to look is in ICE (editing site). It's possible the presentation template that you selected for the channel is unpublished. You must approve and publish the presentation template from the middle of the floatee menu box in ICE for your channel to operate correctly.

Finally, you cannot clear the Management cache on a newly created channel or you will get a 404 error message. You must go up one level and clear the Management cache from the channel above the newly created channel and then select "All Regions" (clears Delivery cache) from the bottom of the floatee menu box to push the change directly to your live site.

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