Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues for LSA's deployment of the Open Text Content Management System, version 7.6.

Click on the topic below to jump to the known issues associated with it. If you've found a new issue that's not listed, please let us know by using the form on Submit A Ticket.

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There are currently no known issues.


  1. There is currently no way for users to be able to "hide" channels from the navigation; however, an alternative solution can be found here. In process. 352
  2. Multi-day events dropping off a site at the end of the first day of the event. Solution: Change the query component to be: "where END date" "equals" "request.endOfYesterday" instead of "where "Start date."


There are currently no known issues.

Editing Toolbar

  1. Insert VCM Hyperlink and Insert VCM Image windows open in the background on many browsers. Currently addressed in training. 284
  2. The Insert VCM Image window offers "Insert Image Wrapper" as an option; however the option does not work and should be removed as an option or integrated as an option. Currently, this is addressed in training as trainees are told to only select the other option available. 263


There are currently no known issues.


There are currently no known issues.


There are currently no known issues.


  1. When changing the URL in the "Friendly URL" tab of the channel properties editing form, getting the changes published sometimes requires the intervention of Web Services Support Staff.
  2. On pages without friendly URLs, if the user selects "Clear Management Cache" from the Floatee Menu Box, the result is a 404 error. In process. 216


  1. If a user enters more than one of the link options (URL, Link to a Channel, or Link to a Content), no error is displayed. However, the first field that is populated is selected as part of the definition. This form should be improved either through field validation or a redesign of the layout (add dropdown, radio, or tabs, etc.) In process. 340


There are currently no known issues.

People Directories

There are currently no known issues.


  1. The default Publication detail page displays Out of Print and Out of Stock when "No" is selected in the content editing form. The detail page should only display these fields when "Yes" is selected. In process. 341

Region Configurators

There are currently no known issues.

Rich Media

  1. Changes to the editing form are required. The "Description' field should be called "Teaser"; the "Source Path" field should be called "Filename (Body)"; and required field indicators (bold and asterisk) should be placed on "Title" and "Filename (Body)" fields. In process. 262

Slide Shows

  1. While linking to content from the slide show image options, the Find window "Search Within" dropdown doesn't populate with the various content types to refine searching. In process. 347

User Interface

  1. Size of content editing form windows is smaller than the width of the editing toolbar. This issue has been reported to the vendor and is currently under research by them. 89