NEW! Button Format Available for Links and Documents

Sample Button Format

Beginning the evening of December 19, 2012, users will be able to utilize the "TitlButton" format.

A Little Bit About Formats

Each piece of content—whether it's a piece of text, an image, or a faculty profile—in a content management system (CMS) can be displayed in a number of ways. LSA CMS users will learn how to utilize display formats to take advantage of this flexibility. There are a large number of formats available in the system, however, and keeping track of them all can be difficult. The pages listed in the menu to the right show you what each display format does in the CMS for different types of content. Use these display format demonstrations when you have questions about how to get a piece of content to display the way you'd like.

If you're having difficulty, please don't hesitate to file a help desk ticket so a member of the web support team can get in touch with you.