Document Formats

Below you will find samples of the 5 different formats in which you can display the Document content type. The Document content type is used for files that you want users to download from your website. Documents can be displayed as:

  • TitlLnk (default)
  • TitlLnkHdr
  • TitlLnkHdrTsr
  • TitlLnkSbHdr
  • TitlLnkSbHdrTsr




DOCUMENT: TitlLnkHdrTsr (download file)

Teaser: This is actually an mp3 file that can be downloaded or played in your browser, if your browser is configured to do so. Enjoy!

DOCUMENT: TitlLnkSbHdrTsr (Word document)

Teaser: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam vel dui sapien. Suspendisse et sapien purus. Integer ipsum odio, luctus suscipit laoreet a, pharetra non arcu. Proin sollicitudin euismod mi, ut dapibus enim imperdiet quis.