A web Content Management System (CMS) is a software application for website maintenance that facilitates content creation, control, and editing and that helps with standard web maintenance. Content is stored in a database, separate from the design of the site.  

The CMS therefore allows LSA users to update content in a central system, without having to touch the layout and graphics of their pages. When a web user attempts to load a page, the system “pulls” the pieces of content into a pre-defined layout and creates the webpage. Because of this, graphics and layout can be applied more consistently, and content updated once will change on all the pages it appears. And since content and code are not tied together, programming expertise is not required to update pages: Thus, the number of people who can contribute and edit content increases dramatically over non-CMS websites.

In LSA, websites using the College's CMS are comprised of various content types, mixed together to create the look you want. Each content type offers specific “display formats,” which give you additional control over the way your web pages are put together.

The College of LSA uses the flagship CMS product offered and supported by the Open Text corporation.