Workshops & Special Sessions

Over the last two years we have enhanced our training program to offer additional workshops on specific topics like Google Analytics and Mailchimp e-newsletter software. From time to time we also offer special sessions of our training courses to accommodate users schedules. Below you will find a schedule of workshops and special sessions along with a description of each. 

Please use our Suggestion Box to alert us to any topics you would like to see addressed in the future.

Advanced CMS Workshop +

Your program is probably ranked as one of the top in the country - does your website reflect that ranking? If not, what's holding it back? This workshop provides new tips and tricks for using the advanced features of the CMS that can you take your website to the top.

Introduction To Google Analytics +

How answering five questions about your websites metrics can make it a more effective marketing strategy for your unit and a great resource for your visitors.

MailChimp Workshop +

Come discuss some best practices for managing email communications and how they apply to MailChimp, the internet's friendliest eNewsletter campaign helper.

Upcoming Special Sessions