The cognitive science major has three components. (The complete list of prerequisite, required, and elective courses for each track is included below under each track.)

Number of Credits: minimum: 27/maximum: 35 credits

  1. Introduction to Cognitive Science Course (Gateway Course; 3 credits)
  2. Track-Specific Requirements
    1. Prerequisites (depend on track and electives; typically 4-6 courses or 12-18 credits)
    2. Three required courses (9-12 credits)
    3. Five elective or "depth" courses chosen from a track-specific list (15-20 credits)
    4. The set of required and elective courses must be drawn from three different departments.
  3. Senior Capstone Experience (Capstone courses will  provide with  an  experience  aimed  at unifying student’s  coursework in cognitive  science  and developing their ability to integrate  and synthesize material. Expected types of courses include intensive exploration of a selected topic (i.e., seminar-style course), service learning, and design and execution of a small-scale class research project, among others. The Cognitive Science Executive Committee will identify capstone courses in the Fall and Winter terms.)


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