Rebecca Rosenbaum

Becca Rosenbaum

Becca Rosenbaum

Becca Rosenbaum | Washington DC
University of Michigan, Bachelors and Masters in Industrial and Operations Engineering (through the SGUS program), 2009

Becca currently works for a government consulting company called LMI, doing logistics consulting for different government programs. She describes a typical day: Really, everyday is different for me depending on what specific project I'm working on and I love that my work is always changing!  I would say an average day starts with checking and responding to emails, then spending most of the day sitting at my computer doing things like running analysis in Excel, writing a computer program, doing research on the internet, or a variety of other things.  I also have several meetings in the office and sometimes go to a government office to meet with the client or do work there. 

Becca recalls her favorite memory of the WISE RP:  I'd say my best specific memory was the WISE/MRC formal my freshman year.  I remember the fun we had getting all dressed up and everyone sitting in the hall together doing our hair and make up.  In general though, I also have great memories of just hanging out in the dorm with girls who are still some of my best friends today!

Words of wisdom from Becca:  Try not to worry so much about everything and just enjoy your time at school!  I think when I was at school we were all worried about doing well on all our exams, choosing the right major, and picking the right job.  In the long run, doing poorly on one exam won't hurt you, your major can always be changed, and it's ok to try out a few jobs before finding the one you're really passionate about.  Try not to sweat the little things and enjoy your time at Michigan because it'll over before you know it!

Becca passes on some advice: "You can do anything for a year."  Great advice to keep in mind when it comes to trying out a new job or new city that you might be nervous about.