Meet Current Students

Here's what WISE RP sophomores say about the WISE RP:

Crystal Fletcher
Peer Mentor
Wayne, Michigan

I was really nervous when I came to U of M, but being a part of the WISE Residence Program eased my transition into this academically rigorous environment. In the process, I've also been able to meet awesome people and build a strong support system. This small community has helped me figure out which opportunities I should chase after and gave me the confidence I needed to be successful here at U of M. This program was by far my favorite part of freshman year.


Rosalind Duma
Peer Mentor
Howell, Michigan

Before joining WISE RP, I was really anxious about my transition from high school to college. I grew up in a small town where I basically knew everyone, so the thought of going to a big school in a big city where I had no prior connections was overwhelming. Fortunately, WISE RP supported me every step of the way. Actually living in a learning environment encouraged me to excel in school more than I believe I would have in other dorms. WISE RP taught me to stop following the stereotype of women being quiet and passive and now I am not afraid to raise my hand in class or speak in front of a large audience. I have become more aware of some of the adversities we face and have also learned how to prevent some of the obstacles along my journey through life.


Ana Reyes
Peer Mentor
Buffalo, New York

WISE RP has been a huge contributor to my success and happiness at Michigan. One thing I love about WISE is the mentorship program. Whether I needed help with classes, finding career opportunities, or life in general, I could always count on the older WISE girls to give me great advice. When I first came to Michigan, I envisioned a competitive and intimidating environment. But in WISE, I found a community that builds each other up and celebrates the successes of every member. WISE has provided me with the confidence I need to take advantage of Michigan’s countless resources. I’ve also gained the love and support of life-long friends.


Leila Syal
Peer Mentor
East Lansing, Michigan

Being in WISE RP has helped me in many different ways. I know that I have gained confidence as a women in an engineering field. Being a strong individual helps, but having the support from the community of WISE RP and the knowledge that you are not alone in these tough, male-dominated fields makes all the difference. The circle of friends that you make in WISE RP is invaluable to get you through your first year!