Meet Current Students

Here's what WISE RP sophomores say about the WISE RP:



Allison Lang
Peer Mentor
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Joining the WISE Residence Program as a freshman was one of the best decisions that I could have made.  Being in this close knit community helped me make long lasting friendships with other incredible women, who all share the same academic interests as I do.  This program also helps me succeed in this prestigious university by offering small study groups and by being surrounded by other students in the same class and sophomores that have taken the class previously.  WISE RP has helped me not only learn more about myself, but also pave me a wonderful path for my future.


Jasmine Johnson
Peer Mentor
Kalamazoo, Michigan

The WISE RP has really given me my own niche within the University. Living with girls who have similar interests as me has proven to help with my academic and social life immensely. The WISE RP also creates networking opportunities for you while in the program, because companies want more women in the STEM fields. Being in the WISE RP has honestly has been one of the best decisions I have made here at the University of Michigan.



Rachel Johnston
Peer Mentor
Canton, Michigan

Being a part of the WISE RP as a freshman and a sophomore impacted me more than I could have imagined coming into the University of Michigan. Not only did I make friends with the girls in my hall so easily due to the fact that we all had similar interests, I learned many valuable skills through the required course. The directors were warm and welcoming, and it was clear they were invested in creating a successful environment for us. As a second year in the program, WISE has provided me with skills specialized for me, and helped me create connections that I will continue to use after I leave WISE. I am most thankful for the fact that through WISE, I have been able to focus in on what my major will be and has opened my mind up to many possible career paths. 

Natalie Setterberg
Peer Mentor
Holland, Ohio

Being a member of WISE RP has really impacted my time here at the University of Michigan.  As a first year student, it was great being able to meet other women had similar interests and majors that lived in my hall.  WISE RP is a great community that not only helped me excel academically, but also helped create amazing friendships with those in the program.  The program has given me the opportunity develop my networking and leadership skills as a peer mentor during my second year.  Overall, WISE RP has the perfect balance of community, peer-mentoring, academic support, and personal development.  Becoming part of WISE RP is honestly one of the best decisions I have made while at this university.



Juliana Bottenberg
Peer Mentor
Milford, Michigan

Being in the WISE Residence Program has been a great experience. Not only did I make a ton of friends, but we had a community where we supported each other and helped each other grow. I am a WISE RP returner because I wanted to help other girls get the experience that I had. Since I am an engineering student, it really helped to have fellow women engineers/scientists to bond with and study for classes with. 


Megan White
Peer Mentor
Marysville, Michigan

I am very glad that I was able to be a part of WISE RP my freshmen year at Michigan, and be a peer mentor this year. I was able to create so many wonderful friendships with girls who have almost the same interests as me. I felt very supported academically and personally. WISE RP made my first year transition from high school to college so much easier. I am very grateful to be a part of this learning community and this university.

Elena Yarmy
Peer Mentor
Royal Oak, Michigan

Don't be scared to get involved. Don't overdo it either. Getting involved in activities helps you create a stricter schedule to follow so you can make sure not to get behind on homework and looks great on a resume. Just make sure you schedule in time for eating sleeping and personal hygiene.

Christina Parkinson
Program Board
Brighton, Michigan

Being apart of WISE helped me in more ways than I could imagine. I came to Michigan from a small town and was pretty nervous, but quickly realized that I belonged to a great close-knit community and was surrounded by amazing people that I am glad to call my friends. Not only have I made great connections with friends, but the faculty as well! The faculty and sophomore members of the community are so helpful and really made a smooth transition for me into college and living on my own. After my first year, I couldn't imagine calling any other community home!