Meet Current Students

Here's what WISE RP sophomores say about the WISE RP:


Nasim Emamdjomeh
Peer Mentor
Troy, Michigan

The WISE Residence Program was a great way for me to transition into the University of Michigan. Before arriving, I was nervous about starting a new chapter of my life and making new friends, but after meeting my fellow WISE members, I felt right at home! I was surrounded by a diverse group of ladies who I could relate to and learn new things from. It was also comforting to walk into my classes and recognize the faces of other WISE members that I could go to for help. The study groups and exam reviews also helped me because the second-year students were able to make the content from my huge lectures more personal.


Gabrielle Lantis
Peer Mentor
Chelsea, Michigan

WISE eased my transition to Michigan by making a large university seem smaller and less overwhelming. It provided me with plenty of new friends who all lived in the same building and held similar career goals/interests. There was always someone around to study with, eat breakfast with, or talk to. Through WISE I also gained career tips, study ideas, confidence in the science field, and lifelong friends. 


Madelyn Popp
Peer Mentor
Crystal Lake, Illinois

Being in such a close community with other girls who shared my academic interests enabled me to make some really great friends while finding the support I needed to be successful here at the University of Michigan. I have been provided with so many wonderful opportunities through the WISE RP to build community and further my personal development. The program directors,WISE RAs, and Peer Mentors are all encouraging and invested in the success of every student in the program. WISE was the highlight of my freshman year and I'm so grateful to be a part of this learning community.

Kirthi Duraiswamy
Program Board
Canton, Michigan

Joining WISE RP was one of the best decisions I've made regarding college. Living with girls who all shared similar career goals not only helped me form strong friendships, but also heightened my sense of direction through the whirlwind of opportunities available at Michigan. I'm proud to be part of this tight knit community, where we all support and help each other grow.  In fact, I've enjoyed my time in this program so much that I'll returning this year, with the hopes of giving back to the incredible community that gave so much to me. 


Susan Rusinowski
Peer Mentor
Royal Oak, Michigan

Being a part of WISE RP allows you to immediately be connected with girls who share your interests. For me, it helped make such a huge school much smaller and easier to handle coming in as a freshman. WISE has given me numerous opportunities as well as strong relationships in our community. Get ready for a great freshman year at U of M!