Alumni Spotlight

Free Lance Journalist Renee Gross, class of 2013

Renee Gross is a freelance journalist and independent producer based in Ann Arbor.  She mostly drums on the feminist beat and is dedicated to telling the stories that aren't being heard. She recently finished a year long internship at Michigan Radio, which taught her everything she knows about audio. Renee has also made theater with both male and female prisoners in Detroit penitentiaries based on their life stories and worked for a nonprofit where she had sole responsibility for creating a documentary video about the organization's creative arts workshops with incarcerated individuals.

Her podcast, The Feminist Fork, aims to explore the ways we give meaning to food then attach it with power, privilege, and identity.  You can read the Feminist Fork Manifesto here.

And find the podcasts here.

Among the podcasts are:

Coming Out as a Non Meat-Eater

Between Dumplings and Chicken Nuggets:  Growing up Chinese-American in the Midwest

Race, Class and Politics at the West Park Farmer's Market

Moving Up in the Restaurant Industry

Manning the Grill:  Masculinity and BBQ

Eating Disorders in the Jewish Community

A Cup of One's Own: Coffee Shops as Queer Spaces

Does it Really Matter Who Pays for Dinner?

 What Does Food Have to do with Feminism?