Academic Standards Board

The policies and procedures described in the Academics and Requirements portion of the LSA website govern the conduct of academic matters affecting students enrolled in the College. Exceptions to these policies may be granted only upon written petition to the Academic Standards Board. Honors students petition the Honors Academic Board; Residential College students petition the RC Board on Academic Standing (BOAS).

 What is the Academic Standards Board?

The LSA Academic Standards Board is the unit of Student Academic Affairs that reviews requests from LSA undergraduate students about waivers or exceptions to the College's academic rules and requirements that may be granted while maintaining the integrity of the undergraduate degree. The academic rules and requirements are found in the on the LSA website.The Board also reviews undergraduate grades at the end of each term to determine the academic status appropriate to each student's academic performance. Throughout the year, Board members focus much of their efforts on helping students in academic difficulty achieve academic success.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Permanent Board Members 

Cathleen Conway-Perrin Director, Academic Standards and Academic Opportunities
Academic Standards Board Member
Toni Morales Associate Director for the Academic Standards Board
Academic Standards Board Member
Jeffery D. Harrold Coordinator for Academic Standards and Academic Opportunities
Academic Standards Board Member


Melissa Carter Administrative Assistant to
the Academic Standards Board
Carolyn McCullum Administrative Associate to
the Academic Standards Board
John Stratman Advisor




What we do: academic policy and student success

Board's work with student success +

The Academic Standards Board works with students who are experiencing academic difficulty for any reason.  Board members coach students on how to be successful in their academics, and on how to find help resources for non-academic problems or challenges.  Students on Special Probation are required to meet with a Board member periodically during the semester; students who are not probation may also meet with a Standards Board member if they would like academic assistance or help handling problems that are impacting their academics.

Board's work with academic policy +

Exceptions: The College has entrusted the Academic Standards Board with the task of enforcing and interpreting College undergraduate academic policy. The College outlines these policies in the Academics and Requirements portion of the LSA website and holds students responsible for adhering to them. In rare and particular circumstances, students may merit exceptions to standard College policies; the Academic Standards Board is the administrative body that reviews and either denies or grants student requests for exceptions. In order for the Board to grant an exception to standard College policy, the request must meet specific criteria; the Board holds all students to the same criteria in order to assure consistency and fairness in decisions.

Academic performance (i.e., grades and GPA): At the end of each semester, the Academic Standards Board reviews undergraduate transcripts. If a student's record indicates he/she is experiencing academic difficulty, the Board attaches an appropriate academic status to the record. Depending on the particular status, the Board will inform the student via e-mail (and in some cases, U.S. Mail) of the change in status and recommend next steps the student should take. Please see the "Academic Standing" section of this site for descriptions of different types of academic status.