Knowing the Expectations for Your Degree

The LSA degree is designed to give you maximum flexibility as you gain breadth and depth in areas of knowledge and a set of skills that will transfer to almost any career imaginable. 

Knowing the LSA Degree Requirements ahead of time will help you stay on track to graduate and help you make decisions about classes, paths of study, and making connections to post-graduation plans.

The first step in your education is exploration. As you take courses of interest and prerequisites to possible majors, you will find that some of your degree requirements are naturally fulfilled along the way.

Meet with an academic advisor regularly to discuss your ideas and how to make the most of your LSA requirements and elective credits. Once you decide on a major, your departmental advisor will guide you through the requirements for your major. 

What Requirements Do I Need to Fulfill to Graduate? +

Your LSA Degree Requirements

You are responsible for knowing and meeting the LSA degree requirements.  You can find the degree requirements by using the handy-dandy search bar at the LSA Academics and Requirements webpage,  Remember that you graduate under the requirements in place the year you started, so if there is any change to degree requirements while you are here, they do not apply to you.   If you have any questions about the degree requirements, ask your academic advisor.

LSA Dean Terrence J. McDonald Says A Liberal Arts Education Prepares Students Well For the Future

May 22, 2013