An informed decision

Nationwide, 34,862 applicants vied for positions in the 2002 entering medical school class, and 50.1% were accepted into medical school. At the University of Michigan, 544 students applied and 60.1% were accepted.

Many applicants who are not accepted into a medical program the first time they apply will try again the following year. Students who wish to reapply should find out what their deficiencies were, and take steps to address those problems and demonstrate to schools that they are a stronger candidate. For example, some students may need to retake the MCAT, take additional science courses, or gain additional patient care experience. Your pre-health advisor can help to steer you in the right direction! For those applying to medical school the summer after their junior year, maintaining strong grades, especially in the science coursework, and continuing to gain experience working with patients and people during the senior year is critical.


As there are many more applicants than positions in medical schools, it is important that applicants consider an Alternative Plan, a "backup" plan. Students may consider another health-related profession  — perhaps physical therapy, nutrition, speech pathology, pharmacy, optometry  — or another career path altogether. Students should assess their talents, skills, and interests in order to determine which career will ultimately be a satisfying one. The Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center and The Career Center can help you to consider your alternative plans. Also, see the section entitled "Additional Health Care Careers" for more information about some of the medically-related professions. Thinking about your Alternative Plan before applying to medical school does not mean that you are any less committed to going to medical school. Such planning only shows maturity and a realistic outlook. It is beneficial to begin considering your Alternative Plans as soon as possible. Sometimes, as you prepare an alternative, it becomes clear that Plan B should have been Plan A from the start!